So, as you all know, I’m a little fucking crazy. Look at my Twitter bio for proof. For a moment, I tried to pretend that I’m not. I got a little nervous that I shouldn’t be so open with who I am. I mean, I say the things that you’re not supposed to say; I do the things you’re not supposed to do. And, you know what? Those who love me (or even sort of like me or find me amusing) don’t care. It is part of who I am. It is part of my charm (so I’m told). So I say, “Fuck the storm” or “I’m a little fucking crazy” or “Yes, I’m an Atheist and I like to eat babies.” It is part of what makes me, me. So to those who have a problem with it, I say, “Go Google yourself.”

That is all.


6 thoughts on “Paranoia

  1. It’s not crazy to be who you are. It’s brave and noble. It might be hard from time to time, but those who really love you, love you because don’t pretend to be something else. Fuck it. Be Atheist. Eat those tiny toes. I’ll meet you at the table with my knife sharpened.


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