I appreciate you 10 or so visitors who continue to look at my blog even when I’m not posting. I’ll try to be better about posting. And to those of you who know what I’m going through right now, I really really really appreciate your love and support. I’ll write about it when I’m ready.


4 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. I don’t know what you’re going through right now but when I went through a really difficult rough patch a few years ago—and I’m talking about an almost-ruined-my-marriage rough patch—what carried me through was the realization that nothing is forever. No matter how bad, how crushing, how difficult, how painful things are? They will not stay that way. They will resolve. They will get better. I promise.

    Of course, the same goes for the good times so it’s always good to recognize and celebrate when things are goin’ your way.

    Big love to you, S.
    And yes, I’ll keep coming back. I think you’re fabulous.


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