Two weeks

It’s been two weeks today since my mother died. She died. She is dead. I can’t say she “passed away.” I can’t. She is dead. It is a fact. I don’t like using euphemisms for death. Maybe it is impolite but I don’t care. Someone who knew my mom was sick but didn’t know that she died asked me today how my mom was doing. I said, “She died.” There is something in the shock of saying it that makes it real. When my brother died, my mom and I always said he was “murdered” or “killed.” We couldn’t say that he “passed away” or “passed on.” Death is final. And that is okay.


One thought on “Two weeks

  1. My motto is, there is no one right way to grieve. Whatever you feel, think, say, or do in the process of coming to terms with it, short of harming yourself or others, is all fair game. And for what its worth, I’m sorry to hear that both your mom and your brother died.

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