Yes, I have been a slacker. But I have two funny things to tell you. First, Finn’s fingernail finally fell off (courtesy of the smashed fingers incident at school). Finn said he was going to leave his fingernail under his pillow for the “Fingernail Fairy.” When he woke up this morning only to discover his fingernail under his pillow, he decided that he had put it in the wrong place and the Fingernail Fairy couldn’t find it. So he’s going to try a new place tonight. I’m pretty sure the Fingernail Fairy will find it this time. Maybe the Fingernail Fairy will return some of the teeth from the Tooth Fairy. Hmmm.

Second, Beck has a new hair product he tried out this morning. It’s called poo. The smell is awful but his hair really held it’s shape.


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