What was I thinking?

Um, so apparently, I registered for an 8k. After several beers. Well, if Tanya can do it, so can I (even though Tanya has run many marathons and half-marathons and is actually a RUNNER and I’m not sure I could run a mile). And it is at the fucking crack of dawn. Down Millcreek Canyon. At least it is downhill.


5 thoughts on “What was I thinking?

  1. When is this damn race? I think an 8k is about 5 miles, yes?? If you need to have 5am mimosas and a running partner, I will chug my way through it with you, girl. You just give me a holler. And I am NOT a runner…
    Although about 7 years ago I did run a marathon. OMG.
    Never again.

  2. Oh, and it will be bright and early after a night at Red Butte!! Yeeehaw!! I am so glad you are going for it!!!

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