Okay. So I decided to do the whole post a photo a day thing that is so popular. Initially I thought it would be random shots of me or my kids or my friends. Clearly that hasn’t happened. It’s mostly me and mostly duck face. I have now realized that photos of me in various duck face situations are really fucking funny. Well I think they’re funny.

As such, I give you 365 days of duck face. You can thank me later.


2 thoughts on “Context

  1. Are you taking requests? Because I’d like to see a Goddamnit, It’s Snowing Again, When Is Spring Fucking Coming Already? duck face. Or how about the Sex Outside Of Marriage Is Devastating duck face (dedicated to your Rep. Bill Wright, of course). An I Don’t Suspect That Rick Santorum Is A Generous Lover duck face would be fun, wouldn’t it? And an Ode To Angelina duck face is immediately pertinent.

    Thanks so much!

  2. It makes sense because you have clearly perfected the duck face!! I have been practicing so I can make more than one of the 365 duck face photos!!

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